August 14, 2013 Matt in tuxedo

Last night I asked my guides what steps I need to take to “meet” them in waking hours.  Then I dreamt:


I was studying at college and my old boyfriend matt kept following me around everywhere.. even when I felt he had done something I didn’t like he was still following me around and coming to my “dorm”, I was trying to keep him out of my life and trying to tell him I’m getting married now, Brandon will be here soon. (In real life this fits the timeline of what happened.  I was trying to break up with Matt for a long time and finally did so.  His energy still followed me for the coming months because of such a close bond.  I moved on and met my future husband Brandon).  Soon after that it felt like he was finally out of my life. Because I was looking at our college computer system and saw that his ID number was no longer valid and therefore he must not be attending that college anymore.  (soon after I married Brandon, Matt died in a car accident) Somehow I knew though that even though he wasn’t attending classes anymore, he was trying to get ahold of one of my classmates, a girl with red hair.  I went to a class at school and saw the girl with red hair there, I saw she had a camera and saw that matt had asked her to take some pictures of him, there were several pictures of him, smiling in a tux. 


I am wondering if this classmate is my mentor Alea.  she is a medium. 

I will refrain from showing her this dream to see if anything manifests.

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Brilliant Violet

I have been reading and meditating this afternoon.   I am really giving myself all the attention and focus I can because I know in the coming months it will be tough so why not crack down now, right?  Tonight I had an excellent first meditation. Ha, funny I call it a “first” meditation.  well it wasn’t my first attempt by any means, I have had several now, but it was a first attempt where i was sitting up and not completely exhausted at the end of the day.  i was able to get into a relaxed state by breathing deep and listening to a guided meditation. i think from this point out though i might just listen to some soothing music as a meditation as the voices get to be distracting. 


I was in the meditation for quite some time, a few images were able to pop in.  I saw a some sort of line&hook get thrown over into my visual space at one point, later i saw a cartoonish looking fish with glowing eyes.  Also, most importantly, I saw some shadows that moved forward into focus.  at one point the shadow expanded into a brilliant violet light.  i asked for it to come forward, and the shadow moved forward somewhat at first.  but i cannot forget the light it was a beautiful, brilliant light violet. 

I am continuing my focus on studying as much as I can  because I have the opportunity now.  I enjoyed automatic writing and plan to continue it.  I think it will be a strength for me

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Inspired writing- What would you do if you were in my situation?

What would you do if you were in my situation?


i would focus on my children to guide them  so that they go into the world with a sparkling light that they can pass on to others. there is a big job ahead of you and to go with the utmost positive energy you can.  you are special for doing so and you will be rewarded in your efforts.  children are a precious gift and they will expand so make the time count while you can. and as for Brandon you take care of his needs and be tender with him.  you are a great match for each other and will have many happy moments.


as for your family you are doing great keep the communication open with them.  you can have a special bond of love that was not there before always.  as for yourself you are loved and you can go far you have the determination and it may be tough to find the time but you will cherish it when time has come and gone for all that you’ve done.    put all your heart and soul into what you do and you will be successful


you can find happiness by studying what is important to you such as this communication and higher self.  this is important for you and  you will succeed with higher insight.  i feel this strongly i will study for lifelong journey.  spending time with family will make you happy too.  to see the children grow and mature and make good decisions will ease the stress you will be busy for the next few years and more time will be come available later on.  you will grow old with your husband and share quiet happy moment s and be companions and cherish a special love and bond. 

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Bed frames and the Writing on the wall

More confirmations for me have manifested.  First I will share the dream I had last night..

Last night I had a good chat with my guides before I went to bed. I thanked them for all they’ve done and how they’ve always come through in some manner every time I ask them something before bed. The question I posed last night was I asked my guides to show me any message I need to keep in mind to help me with my future endeavors. I dreamt I was in a high school cooking class first. It confused me because I thought to myself, I’ve already graduated high school haven’t I? What am I doing here? Next I was at the entrance of a college campus. Another lady and I had to carry a large bed frame across the campus. There was one hurdle we worked together to get the frame over which was a fence.. after that i went into a bathroom where an old classmate of mine had written on the wall “do you believe in god?”


I’ve had a lot of themes of “graduating high school” and going to college the past few months of my life. I believe it has to do with learning at a “higher level”. in particular i feel this dream is showing my progress as I moved from high school, to college, and bearing the labor of carrying the “framework”.  I was able to make it over the fence. and now the next question posed to me, “do i believe in god?”


So for the next confirmation I suddenly got the urge yesterday to ask my mom to confirm what time I was born.  I thought it was doubtful she would remember it accurately and I didn’t know how I would ever find out the true answer.  Well my answer came today, i returned home to find a new copy of my birth certificate that included my birth time.  The one I had held onto since birth was torn and tattered but didn’t give my  birth time.  Now I have the answer to my question.

The next confirmation, and I don’t recall if I spoke of this yet was regarding a message from my friend Sean Day.  I had driven past a truck that had the word “day” prominently displayed on it.  i thought, I will hear from my friend Sean soon!  Sure enough the next night he left a message for me reminiscing about an old concert we went to.

The next thought I have is I keep seeing the name “Parsons” or “Pearsons” which is similar to Julie’s ex  husband’s last name of “Parson”.  I keep seeing it so I am writing it down to see if anything comes of it.


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Yesterday was a fun day. We took all the kids to a festival in Arcadia and met Grandma Sally there. Most of my energy was focused on the kids for the most part. We got to see tons of hot air balloons get filled and be released. I also saw a lone black balloon get released into the sky. that particular balloon felt a little like release. I envisioned it going up to “heaven” with my Dad in mind. It was a nice feeling that I got. The other balloons were fantastic. I felt a sense of “magical” energy. Yes, I love that word lately. But it did feel so new, exhilarating, magical, to be sharing the event with all my loved ones.

As far as anything in terms of development… I believe it was Friday night I passed a truck and saw the brand was entitled something with the word “DAY” prominent. I thought.. I’m going to hear from my friend Sean Day soon. I didn’t think much about it but Saturday night he messaged me late at night and said “oasis..good times!” randomly Haven’t heard from him in a couple months and even then the past few years its been very brief and few and far between. What I thought of did truly manifest.

Next on our way home from the festival the thought crossed my mind a couple times that I needed to be vigilant for deer. Sure enough a deer came running I slowed it ran along the side of the rd for quite awhile then darted back into the forest. Now being in Wisconsin, and the time of night, it is indeed common. Although I have not seen a deer for probably at least 9 months. However.. the fact that it was running along the side of the rd for so long made it sink in a little more. attention! I’m giving you lots of time to pay attention to this!

Today i am going to do lots of cleaning in my house so I’m hoping this will get some energy flowing

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My Magical Day

Friday August 9th was a magical day for me.  I was able to connect to my Dad through the means of a medium.  The mediums who helped me connect to Dad are some mentors running a spiritual course I’m taking.  I felt confidence with taking the course, I’ve even connected to my Dad through my dreams before, so why was connecting through a medium necessary?  Well I can tell you it brought through a new level of validation for me.  It was no longer just me, myself, and I getting the messages. It was no longer up to me for confirmation and validation, a third party provided it, and it made me feel like my life grew so much bigger yesterday.


The roots have been growing deeper and deeper for me for quite some time.  With my dreams of communicating with the passed loved ones, dreams showing my spiritual advancement, I could no longer ignore a crossroads in my life.  I felt so much confidence and satisfaction when I decided to take this course.  And ever since then there have been more magical moments of growth and validation.

The link to the medium’s reading which took place on 08/09/2013 for reference.  My call is at 81 minutes.  I had been listening all night trying to walk around with some headphones and my phone tucked into my clothes, as my attention was needed by all the kids throughout the show.  I was on hold, along with many callers, for the hour and a half show.  When I called in I was about 9th in line.and I figured I would not be picked if they went in order because there was no way they would get through 8 before me.  The kids were loud and clingy and I thought there’s no way I will be able to get on the phone if they pick me..but as 8pm rolled around my 3 year old was very tired and wanted to get her pj’s on and go to bed.  I thought to myself, well it’s a small chance but now that the youngest is in bed I pray that the circumstances are right now, and they will pick me.  It was coming to the end of the show, 8:21 pm.  They said they only had time for one more caller and it was going to be quick…  and suddenly I heard them repeating my phone number that they were going to pick!  I was elated.  Sure enough, my Dad came through and mentioned my wedding right away.

My wedding was something that I had prayed and hoped my Dad would live to see.  You see, the last decade of his life he was very overweight and wasn’t on any track to see improvement.  All of us kids knew he would pass early in life.  In my early 20’s I had this hope that he would make it to my wedding at least.  I even thought that my wedding would be the last milestone we would share.  I had no real proof for thinking so but it was something I had felt since my early 20’s…years before he passed.  Unfortunately it came true.  In March my Dad died of a heart attack.  We knew he would pass early in life..but not this early!  Still a surprise.  He came through and validated that my wedding was “magical” to him, the mediums told me afterward was the word he used.  I knew it was special to him but it was even more special that the wedding was the first thing he mentioned. Because I have been contemplating a lot how I knew the wedding was going to be the last milestone all of these years, and the fact that he brought that up confirms the idea of “telepathy”. 


The mediums also kept seeing a pregnancy- and very soon! they kept saying.  Well I’m wondering if it’s more the symbol of getting all of the kids next month.  After this long custody battle, we are set to get all of the kids next month full time.  But nothing is out of the possibility! I am on a very effective birth control so it’s hard to see that for me, but its not out of the question of course!  It’s also possible a sibling of mine could become pregnant.  Knowing the symbol for pregnancy is often an idea or goal that is flourishing makes me think it could be this knew venture of psychic development I’m undertaking. 
But I have to give some more credit to my dad- he joked and said “name it after me” at the end of it all.  Definitely my Dad!!!

My original question was to ask for a message from a loved one.  The last symbol they talked about was the liberty bell, and how it has a crack in it.  The liberty bell is a big symbol..and something very nostalgic, even with the crack it makes it even more beautiful, was the main message my dad was trying to get across. Makes complete sense because recently I keep contemplating about my I struggled with bad relationships and low self esteem…and how kind of sad..I was…about wasting so much time with that or how it affected me as it did.  Especially this past month.. I’ve been having lots of dreams about my past and how it left several “cracks” on me.   I’ve been trying to own it..but hearing the message from my dad that the cracks have made it even more beautiful in the end.. is a great message.  Thank you Dad!!!


The other magical event of the day was a confirmation to me of the validity of telepathy.  It happened earlier in the day with a co-worker whom I do feel particularly connected with.  I sit right next to him, a witty and supportive soul.  We have many conversations throughout the day, possibly distracting at times to others, but I also know others enjoy it to listen in, as our work can be very boring.  We always try to keep it respectful, appropriate, and limited through the day.  But here and there we have a little chat. 


I brought up my husband’s tattoos and how he has his children’s birth date’s all tattooed on his arm.  We joked about how he will never have an excuse to forget the dates.  As I was stating “if he wants to know his daughters birth date he just has to look down and there it is”.  While I was saying so I was visualizing her birth date on his arm.  her name and birth date in black cursive with red highlights.  Just then Dan continued with “yeah.. all he has to do is look down and know her birth date is 12-22..”  as if he was giving an example.

Except I chimed i right away…” did you say 12-22?”   “yeah..”Dan replied.  “because that is truly her birthday.  December 22nd.  It’s 7 days before mine which is December 29.  you guessed her birthday exactly!” 

It was incredible, we both agreed.  I realized I had been visualizing it too while I was telling the story to him.  I also thought it was neat how he specifically said the numbers 12-22..instead of verbalizing it as December 22.  Because the tattoo, and therefore what I envisioned..was the cursivey black numbers of 12-22.

Well if you happened to read this, I haven’t been up to speed on writing intro’s of any sort on this blog.  Its mainly just a journal for me to record my validations and experiences as I take a journey on the psychic development I am undergoing.  

And so far I have to say, I’m not going to just limit this to a magical day.  This is going to be a magical life 🙂 



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