Well its been awhile, hasn’t it?
I have been quite busy keeping up with my family, and my medium development course. I am nearing the end of it, and boy it has been a wild ride! After only 6 weeks I am making connections as a medium! It is beyond incredible. The energy I feel flowing through me is so intense.. the messages I am getting are mind blowing, and I am spreading the magic of realizing life after death to all 🙂 Even my husband has turned a leaf I think 🙂

Now I’m still developing of course. I have lots to work on 🙂 I am getting symbols and images, and hearing names at times. However there are some symbols I need to work on, and work on my delivery to help guide the process. I am getting images, no doubt. but sometimes it doesn’t always make sense to the sitter. I always think afterwards..I should have asked this, or that, to clarify it. But I know it will come!

I am so encouraged and enthused. My class is almost done so i will have to continue working on developing. Hopefully later I can update this blog with some of my readings so far, they have been incredible. I think I might be able to find a copy of one here…

Rachael K hi Sharmanda Plain Bull may I try reading for you tonight
Sharmanda P yes please do I would love that
Rachael K ok please know i am a student in the mediumship course, if that is ok, please uncross your arms, legs, and ankles to help with the connection
Rachael K also, please answer with yes, no, or not sure
Rachael K ok I am still developing so I will let you know what I’m seeing
Sharmanda P okay that’s fine with me
Sharmanda P ok
Rachael K the first thing i saw was a red fox, does this make sense to you at all?
Sharmanda P no
Rachael K ok.. it may be symbolic of something..
Rachael K ok just a moment please
Rachael K I have gotten the month of april, does this month have significance to you?
Sharmanda yes
Rachael K ok.. i also got the number 16 can you place this at all?
Sharmanda not sure
Rachael K ok, i keep feeling sensations in my collarbone/upper chest area, does this have significance to your mother’s passing?
Sharmanda yes
Rachael K ok.. i have also seen lilacs, which are very peaceful to me, and maybe they make sense to you?
Sharmanda not sure
Rachael K ok.. i also keep seeing a tiara.. was there a treasured memory where you dressed in a tiara?
Sharmanda yes
Rachael K aww, I am also wondering if you can place a Terry or Tony?
Sharmanda toni
Rachael K ok.. I have also seen baby shoes is there a baby that seems significant?
Sharmanda not understand sorry
Sharmanda sorry to write this but could it mean sumone have a baby?
Rachael K it is possible.. because she also showed me a precious moments baby figurine
Sharmanda our a baby passing?
Rachael K i am not sure what this means for you.. she was holding a “precious baby” figurein in her hands
Rachael K does this make sense to you?
Sharmanda  it could mean two things but just not sure witch one
Rachael K ok.. she showed me the baby shoes first.. which to me meant a new baby.. later I asked if she had a gift for you and i saw she was holding a very tiny precious moments baby figure in her hands
Rachael K i also am feeling cramps.. i am wondering if this is related to the baby in anyway?
Sharmanda yes new baby on the way
Rachael K wonderful do you happen to know the gender yet?
Sharmanda Plain Bull toni is having the baby that is my sister and shes been cramping lately
Rachael K ok.. well please know your mom is showing you she is well aware of this
Sharmanda  no we don’t at the moment but im pretty sure we all want a girl she lost her only girl in 2011
Sharmanda sweet
Rachael K ok.. what i’m wondering is if this is related to both. the baby shoes being the new baby.. and her holding the figurine could be like she has the precious baby there.. either way i think it is a wonderful sign
Sharmanda  yes me too wonderful
Rachael K one other thing i saw was a wolfish looking dog. do you know if one had passed on before?
Sharmanda  not sure
Rachael K ok.. your mom gave me lots of rushe’s of energy tonight i have asked her for one last “gift” and she showed me a cake..is it someone’s birthday soon?
Sharmanda Plain Bull my brothers birthday coming up
Rachael K wonderful… she has filled me with a very warm energy tonight I am smiling so big and practically in tears. she is here with you in this moment!! and the days ahead.. please know this… and know that she is only a thought a way
Sharmanda  if you don’t mind me asking we all got a message from her me my sister and brother but my lil brother didn’t does she have anything for him I really hate to leave him out
Rachael K ok i will try
Rachael K lol..not sure if this means anything but i keep seeing a snake hehe
Sharmanda  im cry too omg =,) but happy tears thank you so much
Sharmanda  ok thanks
Sharmanda lol a snake no not sure
Rachael K you are welcome.. i am so happy for you.. i see her she looks “larger than life” give you guys a hug not sure what this symbolizes but she looks just really large compared to everyone.. might be symbolic of the love
Rachael K yeah i’m not sure about the snake either.. but its worth mentioning maybe you never know it might be some memory or something silly
Rachael K I will be tagging my teacher to review.. if you don’t mind please keep the reading available until she is able to comment.. which should be within a day i hope


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