Tonight’s meditation started off with a lengthy “physical” meditation.  but after about 20 minutes or so i climbed the stairs to my loft.  I opened the door for my guide.  I had an intention of meeting a spirit there tonight.  I had a lot of focus on an old style telephone sitting there.  Also felt tingly in my right ear alot, and some heat around my face.  I also had intentions of using my clairvoyance more.  I couldn’t see my guide right away but someone did show themselves to me, in a cowboy hat.  when i was looking at him i realized it wasn’t my guide though..i thought..oh you changed since last time. the man was in his thirties with brown facial hair.  after so long i thought this looks kind of like matt.  only slightly older and thinner.  I vetted him and asked if it was matt and it was confirmed he was.  then I felt stuck on what to ask him.  I was asking if he had any messages for me to send back and all i got was, Samantha (his sister).  He acknowledged me by calling me baby though.. a nickname he did use from time to time.  I had seen some pink roses earlier in the meditation and he said i sent those for you.  I didn’t have too much of a conversation going, I felt like I was struggling to think of things..  mostly I asked him what he thought about my role in advancing my senses and he was encouraging and seemed like he would be right along waiting and guiding me.  he stepped away then it seemed, and I did get to see my guide a little.  I asked for a message for today and I got a jungle gym.  Like a circular/dome type that kids climb up on the outside.  i saw matt a couple more times, he blew me kisses.  it kind of felt like the meditation was all over the place but i’m glad i’m able to remember to vet, close the door, and such


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