Samuel and Missy pink

What what a wonderful day it is.  to quote my guides.. “and it’s a great day to be alive!”

I have met two of my guides!  It is bringing me to tears to type this, I am overwhelmed with joy.  I was struggling with knowing how I would find time to meditate.  Luckily I listened to a higher suggestion of meditating in the bath.  That way it was in the day time (not falling asleep at night) and the kids would still be able to knock if they needed.. although I told them to leave me alone of course 😉


I followed Laura’s guided meditation, although I found it to be a little too quick.  I was able to visualize..but I think due to my fears.. I wasn’t ready to open at the door at the time she was suggesting, so I hung out in my “space” until the meditation was over, as to not lose it.  I have a lovely space envisioned.  directly ahead of me from the stair case is a bay window.  the window looks out and is the threshold to the “otherside” with a bench there to sit.  I know there is a plethora of gems that are showcased there, and to my right is my aquamarine door.  an older door, seems to be wooden, with a outer edging to it.  there are some plants around too.


when it was time to open my door I felt a little discouraged at first, but I realized indeed there was someone there.  I was expecting to see them, interact with them, (immediately) but it wasn’t happening..yet i couldn’t ignore that I knew I could feel their presence.  I recalled laura saying.even if you can’t see thema at first, invite them to come in and sit with you.. so I did just that.  I invited them to come sit with me by the bay window on the bench.  i acknowledged that i couldn’t see them yet but that I would like to, but to just be with me while i meditate.  i could feel their presence and feel they were male but nothing more at this point.   i conveyed the purpose of the window, and actually opened the window to allow the energy to flow.  i envisioned a funnel of light and energy expanding from my head, and out the window to the otherside as well. next I turned my attention back to the meditation.  staring into the blackness of my eyes closed, i could feel my body breathing and on occassion would see flickers of a small light, and eventually some deep blue/purple coming through.  after awhile of the meditation which felt very relieving, I focused back onto my special space with my guide.  now instead of feeling like i was in my own body, i felt like i could see from behind my body, and slowly but surely i started seeing his left side come into focus.  somewhat of a more elderly man, with a very loving and helpful energy.  i felt like there was just immense knowledge and helpfulness to him.  I couldn’t see his face directly but knew he had a grayish/whitish or older appearance to him.  he wasn’t “wrinkly” and elderly he was like.. agelessly antiqued (ha don’t know how thats possible but it is)  i looked back at my regular meditation for a bit..and as a closing thought i saw the deep purple again, which was coneyed to me as a confirmation that this is the real deal and i’m headed on my path.  basically an ending confirmation to the meeting.  the man guided me to end the meditation as it was enough time..he went back through the door, i went and closed the window and went down the stairs.


I was still in the bath for awhile and thought to myself, ha! i met you but still don’t know your name.  moments later a named instantly popped into my brain.  “Samuel.”  I thought to myself wow where did this name come from? i thought it over in my brain to know if it was right. was it really samuel? or could it be soloman?…  Samuel sounded right…then suddenly I saw the name Samuel written like up in a sky adorned by stars or lights, as if it was anointed by god. 


as i was getting out of my bath, I was reminiscing about how i also met my joy guide the night of “my fear being exposed”  When I think back to her I see her surrounded by a pink glow. I recalled how the next morning she directed me to wear some color for the day, and how I found the pink gemstone stuck to the back of my leg, and got a good laugh at it.  (i had been walking around all day at work with a pink gem stone stuck to my leg in my summer dress)


so as i was reminiscing about this “Missy pink”..her name for now.. I stepped out of the bath and go this overwhelming urge of happiness and joy and smile.  I looked down at the bathroom floor, and was amazed to find another pink gemstone… perfectly placed in my path.  what a glorious day 🙂


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