Wearing some color

Its been a few days but nothing short of new insights.
I had an incredible dream the other night. the dream was that it was the first day of highschool and I was in swimming class standing in line at the school pool. i thought it was just the first day of orientation but all of a sudden the teacher said, clothes off! time to jump in! I realized everyone had worn their swimming suits and I didn’t feel prepared like I had mine, but sure enough I did have it on. Then I realized that everyone was going to see how “developed” I was, which made me a little nervous but I jumped into the pool anyways, then suddenly a very handsome man came and hugged me and told me I was beautiful. It was a incredible feeling, one that was new to me in dreams. He gave me so much confidence and I truly felt the hug last into the morning when I woke up. I also dreamt i was in my childhood bedroom and saw an old coworker sleepign in a bed across from me, i saw a giant spider on her, yelled and tried running out of the room. when i exited the door though I saw the spider on the ground and somehwo I had effortlessly squashed it, without making an effort.

I am pretty sure the man hugging me was a guide, giving me reassurance and confidence. The next day was our class on spirit guides. I was discussing how things are so active at night for me in dreams, but not so much during the day. I have been making progress with meditations and listening to the guide’s advice but still ahve yet to meet them in meditation. Laura was in the class and said there was a fear holding me back. the only problem was i really could not figure out this fear. she usually does not do any sort of reading but she blurted out that the fear I have is that I am afraid the guides will control my life! It didn’t click right away. of course i trusted her insight but couldn’t see how i consciously felt that..then i realized that it had to be true. I have had three dreams the past month where I am in the driver’s seat of the vehicle..but the vehicle is driving itself and eventually spins in circles. I have a fear of letting someone else drive my life and that it will be out of my control! she really fixed a puzzle piece for me that I could not fathom, even though I had the dream 3 times!!!

i was feeling a little discouraged about it this morning.. when I got up I looked in my closet and was about to go for a black shirt but somone told me in my head- go for some color to cheer yourself up! So i picked an dress with some pops of orange and pinks in the pattern. then later when i was at work i got this sudden urge to feel my leg, and there stuck to the back of my leg was a pink gem!!! i just had to laugh and found it humorous..this is my joy guide trying to lighten me up. I mean honestly i had the darn gem stuck to the back of my leg all morning, walking around work. but here it was, another pop of color. and a gemstone..just like another dream I had similarly.

I’ve also been bombarded with significant songs. before the “you are beautiful” dream i recall having a song with the lyrics “You’re so beautiful..so damn beautiful” in my head that night. i’ve also had other songs infused in my head..ones that i have not heard in a logn while so i know they are not from the radio. some other songs include “mary lou” and one that has lyrics “one step at a time, there’s no need to rush” when thinking about the strides i’m making.

I gotta admit I felt a little discouraged when I realized how big this fear was that I could not fathom. But Im going to work through it! as well as set my night time boundaries. I set them last night and they worked! i don’t remember any dream. and my guides are still coming through.

also before i drifted off to sleep last night i kept seeing a lady with strawberry blonde hair, moderate feature, she just kept smiling, at me. I hope she shows up again 🙂


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