House renovations, tooth, gemstones

Last night I dreamt my husband and I were in a house we rented. Apparently we told our landlord that we planned to pay for some renovations, so a lady “contractor” came over to do some estimates on how much it would cost. She came over and was going through some different scenarios, for instance I saw a kitchen island that she was going to expand to make a table the kids could sit at for meals, she also was going to enlarge a window really wide and big. My husband was a little unsure about it. I thought..well we plan to move a year from now anyways (which is true in real life) so it would just be extra money out of our pocket that we wouldn’t get to take with us..but thought about it some more and felt confident it would be the right thing for our family.  I also went upstairs and looked out my window and saw a mexican man at the backdoor of our house.  at first I thought what is this man doing right at my back door? then it seemed like more guys showed up and I realized they were just there to help do the renovations on the house and it was perfectly fine

I also dreamt that my mom had taken my 3 year old daughter to a park..when she returned her to me, my daughter showed me that her front tooth came out, and grandma had someone how pulled it out with a little contraption because it was loose and ready. I I can’t believe my 3 year old is already ready for a tooth to come out it seems so early. I also dreamt that I took my daughter to some building where they had craft supplies. My daughter spilled a bunch of sequins/shiny gemstones everywhere, it felt like a million gemstones on the floor! an older lady came over and scolded her and me for letting my daughter spill them all over the floor but I reassured her we would just clean them up..there were three small containers we were trying to put the gemstones in. i thought there was no way they would all fit, but as we started scooping them in there, all of them magically fit into the three containers


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