Whispers & My Mudlake Home

Yesterday I took some time to go shopping with my daughter, did some reading after dinner time, but wasn’t putting tons of energy into meditation or absorbing.  I thought I needed to give my brain a little break because I had been so focused on development the past couple weeks.  I know I dreamt but I don’t remember of what.  As I was hitting the snooze this morning I fell into a state of sleep where my body felt slightly paralyzed, I thought I was awake, and I heard someone whispering quickly around me, I also felt their presence near me.  I wanted to converse with this person or find out what was going on, so I I tried to get up and see but my body felt paralyzed and I couldn’t move, so at this point it became very terrifying to me because I realized that I had been sleeping and someone was whispering in my room.   And think of that, as I start to write about this event, my dream from last night suddenly popped into my brain:


I dreamt I was in my old house (the first I ever lived at in lake mills when I was a young child), it was for sale, it was huge! It had so many rooms everywhere it was fun to go explore in it since I hadn’t seen it since I was little.  It had this dark, back room with a chimney that my husband and I went into.  Everything looked super old in the house as if it was built hundreds of years ago.  I somehow knew that whoever built the chimney (was made out of large stones/rocks) had died on the last day it was built. Like the chimney collapsed on him, it had been redone afterward so it was still very old, made of rocks.    I felt a little sorrow briefly when I thought about him dying but moved on and thought it was still a suitable place to live, and that’s part of history, bad things happen to people but life goes on.  All of the rooms were empty, but there were endless rooms, all a little bit with a dungeon feel though. They all seemed to be kind of dusty and made of stone or earthy type elements.  I could tell my husband wasn’t too sure…he thought things were so old and dirty but I thought…once we clean up and fill it with furniture here it will be warm, and look at all the space there is it is magnificent and we couldn’t have asked for anything more suitable for our family.  It seemed like more families were coming to look at the house so I was getting excited to make a commitment in my mind, as well as convince my husband, so that we could make an offer on the house.


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