August 14, 2013 Matt in tuxedo

Last night I asked my guides what steps I need to take to “meet” them in waking hours.  Then I dreamt:


I was studying at college and my old boyfriend matt kept following me around everywhere.. even when I felt he had done something I didn’t like he was still following me around and coming to my “dorm”, I was trying to keep him out of my life and trying to tell him I’m getting married now, Brandon will be here soon. (In real life this fits the timeline of what happened.  I was trying to break up with Matt for a long time and finally did so.  His energy still followed me for the coming months because of such a close bond.  I moved on and met my future husband Brandon).  Soon after that it felt like he was finally out of my life. Because I was looking at our college computer system and saw that his ID number was no longer valid and therefore he must not be attending that college anymore.  (soon after I married Brandon, Matt died in a car accident) Somehow I knew though that even though he wasn’t attending classes anymore, he was trying to get ahold of one of my classmates, a girl with red hair.  I went to a class at school and saw the girl with red hair there, I saw she had a camera and saw that matt had asked her to take some pictures of him, there were several pictures of him, smiling in a tux. 


I am wondering if this classmate is my mentor Alea.  she is a medium. 

I will refrain from showing her this dream to see if anything manifests.


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