Inspired writing- What would you do if you were in my situation?

What would you do if you were in my situation?


i would focus on my children to guide them  so that they go into the world with a sparkling light that they can pass on to others. there is a big job ahead of you and to go with the utmost positive energy you can.  you are special for doing so and you will be rewarded in your efforts.  children are a precious gift and they will expand so make the time count while you can. and as for Brandon you take care of his needs and be tender with him.  you are a great match for each other and will have many happy moments.


as for your family you are doing great keep the communication open with them.  you can have a special bond of love that was not there before always.  as for yourself you are loved and you can go far you have the determination and it may be tough to find the time but you will cherish it when time has come and gone for all that you’ve done.    put all your heart and soul into what you do and you will be successful


you can find happiness by studying what is important to you such as this communication and higher self.  this is important for you and  you will succeed with higher insight.  i feel this strongly i will study for lifelong journey.  spending time with family will make you happy too.  to see the children grow and mature and make good decisions will ease the stress you will be busy for the next few years and more time will be come available later on.  you will grow old with your husband and share quiet happy moment s and be companions and cherish a special love and bond. 


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