Brilliant Violet

I have been reading and meditating this afternoon.   I am really giving myself all the attention and focus I can because I know in the coming months it will be tough so why not crack down now, right?  Tonight I had an excellent first meditation. Ha, funny I call it a “first” meditation.  well it wasn’t my first attempt by any means, I have had several now, but it was a first attempt where i was sitting up and not completely exhausted at the end of the day.  i was able to get into a relaxed state by breathing deep and listening to a guided meditation. i think from this point out though i might just listen to some soothing music as a meditation as the voices get to be distracting. 


I was in the meditation for quite some time, a few images were able to pop in.  I saw a some sort of line&hook get thrown over into my visual space at one point, later i saw a cartoonish looking fish with glowing eyes.  Also, most importantly, I saw some shadows that moved forward into focus.  at one point the shadow expanded into a brilliant violet light.  i asked for it to come forward, and the shadow moved forward somewhat at first.  but i cannot forget the light it was a beautiful, brilliant light violet. 

I am continuing my focus on studying as much as I can  because I have the opportunity now.  I enjoyed automatic writing and plan to continue it.  I think it will be a strength for me


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