Bed frames and the Writing on the wall

More confirmations for me have manifested.  First I will share the dream I had last night..

Last night I had a good chat with my guides before I went to bed. I thanked them for all they’ve done and how they’ve always come through in some manner every time I ask them something before bed. The question I posed last night was I asked my guides to show me any message I need to keep in mind to help me with my future endeavors. I dreamt I was in a high school cooking class first. It confused me because I thought to myself, I’ve already graduated high school haven’t I? What am I doing here? Next I was at the entrance of a college campus. Another lady and I had to carry a large bed frame across the campus. There was one hurdle we worked together to get the frame over which was a fence.. after that i went into a bathroom where an old classmate of mine had written on the wall “do you believe in god?”


I’ve had a lot of themes of “graduating high school” and going to college the past few months of my life. I believe it has to do with learning at a “higher level”. in particular i feel this dream is showing my progress as I moved from high school, to college, and bearing the labor of carrying the “framework”.  I was able to make it over the fence. and now the next question posed to me, “do i believe in god?”


So for the next confirmation I suddenly got the urge yesterday to ask my mom to confirm what time I was born.  I thought it was doubtful she would remember it accurately and I didn’t know how I would ever find out the true answer.  Well my answer came today, i returned home to find a new copy of my birth certificate that included my birth time.  The one I had held onto since birth was torn and tattered but didn’t give my  birth time.  Now I have the answer to my question.

The next confirmation, and I don’t recall if I spoke of this yet was regarding a message from my friend Sean Day.  I had driven past a truck that had the word “day” prominently displayed on it.  i thought, I will hear from my friend Sean soon!  Sure enough the next night he left a message for me reminiscing about an old concert we went to.

The next thought I have is I keep seeing the name “Parsons” or “Pearsons” which is similar to Julie’s ex  husband’s last name of “Parson”.  I keep seeing it so I am writing it down to see if anything comes of it.



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