Yesterday was a fun day. We took all the kids to a festival in Arcadia and met Grandma Sally there. Most of my energy was focused on the kids for the most part. We got to see tons of hot air balloons get filled and be released. I also saw a lone black balloon get released into the sky. that particular balloon felt a little like release. I envisioned it going up to “heaven” with my Dad in mind. It was a nice feeling that I got. The other balloons were fantastic. I felt a sense of “magical” energy. Yes, I love that word lately. But it did feel so new, exhilarating, magical, to be sharing the event with all my loved ones.

As far as anything in terms of development… I believe it was Friday night I passed a truck and saw the brand was entitled something with the word “DAY” prominent. I thought.. I’m going to hear from my friend Sean Day soon. I didn’t think much about it but Saturday night he messaged me late at night and said “oasis..good times!” randomly Haven’t heard from him in a couple months and even then the past few years its been very brief and few and far between. What I thought of did truly manifest.

Next on our way home from the festival the thought crossed my mind a couple times that I needed to be vigilant for deer. Sure enough a deer came running I slowed it ran along the side of the rd for quite awhile then darted back into the forest. Now being in Wisconsin, and the time of night, it is indeed common. Although I have not seen a deer for probably at least 9 months. However.. the fact that it was running along the side of the rd for so long made it sink in a little more. attention! I’m giving you lots of time to pay attention to this!

Today i am going to do lots of cleaning in my house so I’m hoping this will get some energy flowing


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