Well its been awhile, hasn’t it?
I have been quite busy keeping up with my family, and my medium development course. I am nearing the end of it, and boy it has been a wild ride! After only 6 weeks I am making connections as a medium! It is beyond incredible. The energy I feel flowing through me is so intense.. the messages I am getting are mind blowing, and I am spreading the magic of realizing life after death to all 🙂 Even my husband has turned a leaf I think 🙂

Now I’m still developing of course. I have lots to work on 🙂 I am getting symbols and images, and hearing names at times. However there are some symbols I need to work on, and work on my delivery to help guide the process. I am getting images, no doubt. but sometimes it doesn’t always make sense to the sitter. I always think afterwards..I should have asked this, or that, to clarify it. But I know it will come!

I am so encouraged and enthused. My class is almost done so i will have to continue working on developing. Hopefully later I can update this blog with some of my readings so far, they have been incredible. I think I might be able to find a copy of one here…

Rachael K hi Sharmanda Plain Bull may I try reading for you tonight
Sharmanda P yes please do I would love that
Rachael K ok please know i am a student in the mediumship course, if that is ok, please uncross your arms, legs, and ankles to help with the connection
Rachael K also, please answer with yes, no, or not sure
Rachael K ok I am still developing so I will let you know what I’m seeing
Sharmanda P okay that’s fine with me
Sharmanda P ok
Rachael K the first thing i saw was a red fox, does this make sense to you at all?
Sharmanda P no
Rachael K ok.. it may be symbolic of something..
Rachael K ok just a moment please
Rachael K I have gotten the month of april, does this month have significance to you?
Sharmanda yes
Rachael K ok.. i also got the number 16 can you place this at all?
Sharmanda not sure
Rachael K ok, i keep feeling sensations in my collarbone/upper chest area, does this have significance to your mother’s passing?
Sharmanda yes
Rachael K ok.. i have also seen lilacs, which are very peaceful to me, and maybe they make sense to you?
Sharmanda not sure
Rachael K ok.. i also keep seeing a tiara.. was there a treasured memory where you dressed in a tiara?
Sharmanda yes
Rachael K aww, I am also wondering if you can place a Terry or Tony?
Sharmanda toni
Rachael K ok.. I have also seen baby shoes is there a baby that seems significant?
Sharmanda not understand sorry
Sharmanda sorry to write this but could it mean sumone have a baby?
Rachael K it is possible.. because she also showed me a precious moments baby figurine
Sharmanda our a baby passing?
Rachael K i am not sure what this means for you.. she was holding a “precious baby” figurein in her hands
Rachael K does this make sense to you?
Sharmanda  it could mean two things but just not sure witch one
Rachael K ok.. she showed me the baby shoes first.. which to me meant a new baby.. later I asked if she had a gift for you and i saw she was holding a very tiny precious moments baby figure in her hands
Rachael K i also am feeling cramps.. i am wondering if this is related to the baby in anyway?
Sharmanda yes new baby on the way
Rachael K wonderful do you happen to know the gender yet?
Sharmanda Plain Bull toni is having the baby that is my sister and shes been cramping lately
Rachael K ok.. well please know your mom is showing you she is well aware of this
Sharmanda  no we don’t at the moment but im pretty sure we all want a girl she lost her only girl in 2011
Sharmanda sweet
Rachael K ok.. what i’m wondering is if this is related to both. the baby shoes being the new baby.. and her holding the figurine could be like she has the precious baby there.. either way i think it is a wonderful sign
Sharmanda  yes me too wonderful
Rachael K one other thing i saw was a wolfish looking dog. do you know if one had passed on before?
Sharmanda  not sure
Rachael K ok.. your mom gave me lots of rushe’s of energy tonight i have asked her for one last “gift” and she showed me a cake..is it someone’s birthday soon?
Sharmanda Plain Bull my brothers birthday coming up
Rachael K wonderful… she has filled me with a very warm energy tonight I am smiling so big and practically in tears. she is here with you in this moment!! and the days ahead.. please know this… and know that she is only a thought a way
Sharmanda  if you don’t mind me asking we all got a message from her me my sister and brother but my lil brother didn’t does she have anything for him I really hate to leave him out
Rachael K ok i will try
Rachael K lol..not sure if this means anything but i keep seeing a snake hehe
Sharmanda  im cry too omg =,) but happy tears thank you so much
Sharmanda  ok thanks
Sharmanda lol a snake no not sure
Rachael K you are welcome.. i am so happy for you.. i see her she looks “larger than life” give you guys a hug not sure what this symbolizes but she looks just really large compared to everyone.. might be symbolic of the love
Rachael K yeah i’m not sure about the snake either.. but its worth mentioning maybe you never know it might be some memory or something silly
Rachael K I will be tagging my teacher to review.. if you don’t mind please keep the reading available until she is able to comment.. which should be within a day i hope

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Tonight’s meditation started off with a lengthy “physical” meditation.  but after about 20 minutes or so i climbed the stairs to my loft.  I opened the door for my guide.  I had an intention of meeting a spirit there tonight.  I had a lot of focus on an old style telephone sitting there.  Also felt tingly in my right ear alot, and some heat around my face.  I also had intentions of using my clairvoyance more.  I couldn’t see my guide right away but someone did show themselves to me, in a cowboy hat.  when i was looking at him i realized it wasn’t my guide though..i thought..oh you changed since last time. the man was in his thirties with brown facial hair.  after so long i thought this looks kind of like matt.  only slightly older and thinner.  I vetted him and asked if it was matt and it was confirmed he was.  then I felt stuck on what to ask him.  I was asking if he had any messages for me to send back and all i got was, Samantha (his sister).  He acknowledged me by calling me baby though.. a nickname he did use from time to time.  I had seen some pink roses earlier in the meditation and he said i sent those for you.  I didn’t have too much of a conversation going, I felt like I was struggling to think of things..  mostly I asked him what he thought about my role in advancing my senses and he was encouraging and seemed like he would be right along waiting and guiding me.  he stepped away then it seemed, and I did get to see my guide a little.  I asked for a message for today and I got a jungle gym.  Like a circular/dome type that kids climb up on the outside.  i saw matt a couple more times, he blew me kisses.  it kind of felt like the meditation was all over the place but i’m glad i’m able to remember to vet, close the door, and such

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Samuel and Missy pink

What what a wonderful day it is.  to quote my guides.. “and it’s a great day to be alive!”

I have met two of my guides!  It is bringing me to tears to type this, I am overwhelmed with joy.  I was struggling with knowing how I would find time to meditate.  Luckily I listened to a higher suggestion of meditating in the bath.  That way it was in the day time (not falling asleep at night) and the kids would still be able to knock if they needed.. although I told them to leave me alone of course 😉


I followed Laura’s guided meditation, although I found it to be a little too quick.  I was able to visualize..but I think due to my fears.. I wasn’t ready to open at the door at the time she was suggesting, so I hung out in my “space” until the meditation was over, as to not lose it.  I have a lovely space envisioned.  directly ahead of me from the stair case is a bay window.  the window looks out and is the threshold to the “otherside” with a bench there to sit.  I know there is a plethora of gems that are showcased there, and to my right is my aquamarine door.  an older door, seems to be wooden, with a outer edging to it.  there are some plants around too.


when it was time to open my door I felt a little discouraged at first, but I realized indeed there was someone there.  I was expecting to see them, interact with them, (immediately) but it wasn’t happening..yet i couldn’t ignore that I knew I could feel their presence.  I recalled laura saying.even if you can’t see thema at first, invite them to come in and sit with you.. so I did just that.  I invited them to come sit with me by the bay window on the bench.  i acknowledged that i couldn’t see them yet but that I would like to, but to just be with me while i meditate.  i could feel their presence and feel they were male but nothing more at this point.   i conveyed the purpose of the window, and actually opened the window to allow the energy to flow.  i envisioned a funnel of light and energy expanding from my head, and out the window to the otherside as well. next I turned my attention back to the meditation.  staring into the blackness of my eyes closed, i could feel my body breathing and on occassion would see flickers of a small light, and eventually some deep blue/purple coming through.  after awhile of the meditation which felt very relieving, I focused back onto my special space with my guide.  now instead of feeling like i was in my own body, i felt like i could see from behind my body, and slowly but surely i started seeing his left side come into focus.  somewhat of a more elderly man, with a very loving and helpful energy.  i felt like there was just immense knowledge and helpfulness to him.  I couldn’t see his face directly but knew he had a grayish/whitish or older appearance to him.  he wasn’t “wrinkly” and elderly he was like.. agelessly antiqued (ha don’t know how thats possible but it is)  i looked back at my regular meditation for a bit..and as a closing thought i saw the deep purple again, which was coneyed to me as a confirmation that this is the real deal and i’m headed on my path.  basically an ending confirmation to the meeting.  the man guided me to end the meditation as it was enough time..he went back through the door, i went and closed the window and went down the stairs.


I was still in the bath for awhile and thought to myself, ha! i met you but still don’t know your name.  moments later a named instantly popped into my brain.  “Samuel.”  I thought to myself wow where did this name come from? i thought it over in my brain to know if it was right. was it really samuel? or could it be soloman?…  Samuel sounded right…then suddenly I saw the name Samuel written like up in a sky adorned by stars or lights, as if it was anointed by god. 


as i was getting out of my bath, I was reminiscing about how i also met my joy guide the night of “my fear being exposed”  When I think back to her I see her surrounded by a pink glow. I recalled how the next morning she directed me to wear some color for the day, and how I found the pink gemstone stuck to the back of my leg, and got a good laugh at it.  (i had been walking around all day at work with a pink gem stone stuck to my leg in my summer dress)


so as i was reminiscing about this “Missy pink”..her name for now.. I stepped out of the bath and go this overwhelming urge of happiness and joy and smile.  I looked down at the bathroom floor, and was amazed to find another pink gemstone… perfectly placed in my path.  what a glorious day 🙂

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Wearing some color

Its been a few days but nothing short of new insights.
I had an incredible dream the other night. the dream was that it was the first day of highschool and I was in swimming class standing in line at the school pool. i thought it was just the first day of orientation but all of a sudden the teacher said, clothes off! time to jump in! I realized everyone had worn their swimming suits and I didn’t feel prepared like I had mine, but sure enough I did have it on. Then I realized that everyone was going to see how “developed” I was, which made me a little nervous but I jumped into the pool anyways, then suddenly a very handsome man came and hugged me and told me I was beautiful. It was a incredible feeling, one that was new to me in dreams. He gave me so much confidence and I truly felt the hug last into the morning when I woke up. I also dreamt i was in my childhood bedroom and saw an old coworker sleepign in a bed across from me, i saw a giant spider on her, yelled and tried running out of the room. when i exited the door though I saw the spider on the ground and somehwo I had effortlessly squashed it, without making an effort.

I am pretty sure the man hugging me was a guide, giving me reassurance and confidence. The next day was our class on spirit guides. I was discussing how things are so active at night for me in dreams, but not so much during the day. I have been making progress with meditations and listening to the guide’s advice but still ahve yet to meet them in meditation. Laura was in the class and said there was a fear holding me back. the only problem was i really could not figure out this fear. she usually does not do any sort of reading but she blurted out that the fear I have is that I am afraid the guides will control my life! It didn’t click right away. of course i trusted her insight but couldn’t see how i consciously felt that..then i realized that it had to be true. I have had three dreams the past month where I am in the driver’s seat of the vehicle..but the vehicle is driving itself and eventually spins in circles. I have a fear of letting someone else drive my life and that it will be out of my control! she really fixed a puzzle piece for me that I could not fathom, even though I had the dream 3 times!!!

i was feeling a little discouraged about it this morning.. when I got up I looked in my closet and was about to go for a black shirt but somone told me in my head- go for some color to cheer yourself up! So i picked an dress with some pops of orange and pinks in the pattern. then later when i was at work i got this sudden urge to feel my leg, and there stuck to the back of my leg was a pink gem!!! i just had to laugh and found it humorous..this is my joy guide trying to lighten me up. I mean honestly i had the darn gem stuck to the back of my leg all morning, walking around work. but here it was, another pop of color. and a gemstone..just like another dream I had similarly.

I’ve also been bombarded with significant songs. before the “you are beautiful” dream i recall having a song with the lyrics “You’re so beautiful..so damn beautiful” in my head that night. i’ve also had other songs infused in my head..ones that i have not heard in a logn while so i know they are not from the radio. some other songs include “mary lou” and one that has lyrics “one step at a time, there’s no need to rush” when thinking about the strides i’m making.

I gotta admit I felt a little discouraged when I realized how big this fear was that I could not fathom. But Im going to work through it! as well as set my night time boundaries. I set them last night and they worked! i don’t remember any dream. and my guides are still coming through.

also before i drifted off to sleep last night i kept seeing a lady with strawberry blonde hair, moderate feature, she just kept smiling, at me. I hope she shows up again 🙂

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Last night I saw a man in my dreams wearing a blue plaid shirt.  the same shirt Brandon kept of his Dads.  I asked him, Are you Gary? and he confirmed, yes he was.  I asked if there were any messages he had for me to pass along and he gave me a nickname..an animal sounding name that I mulled over in my mind.  But upon waking I cannot recall the name he gave me.  I remember everything else but the name and it is frustrating me 😛

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House renovations, tooth, gemstones

Last night I dreamt my husband and I were in a house we rented. Apparently we told our landlord that we planned to pay for some renovations, so a lady “contractor” came over to do some estimates on how much it would cost. She came over and was going through some different scenarios, for instance I saw a kitchen island that she was going to expand to make a table the kids could sit at for meals, she also was going to enlarge a window really wide and big. My husband was a little unsure about it. I thought..well we plan to move a year from now anyways (which is true in real life) so it would just be extra money out of our pocket that we wouldn’t get to take with us..but thought about it some more and felt confident it would be the right thing for our family.  I also went upstairs and looked out my window and saw a mexican man at the backdoor of our house.  at first I thought what is this man doing right at my back door? then it seemed like more guys showed up and I realized they were just there to help do the renovations on the house and it was perfectly fine

I also dreamt that my mom had taken my 3 year old daughter to a park..when she returned her to me, my daughter showed me that her front tooth came out, and grandma had someone how pulled it out with a little contraption because it was loose and ready. I thought..wow I can’t believe my 3 year old is already ready for a tooth to come out it seems so early. I also dreamt that I took my daughter to some building where they had craft supplies. My daughter spilled a bunch of sequins/shiny gemstones everywhere, it felt like a million gemstones on the floor! an older lady came over and scolded her and me for letting my daughter spill them all over the floor but I reassured her we would just clean them up..there were three small containers we were trying to put the gemstones in. i thought there was no way they would all fit, but as we started scooping them in there, all of them magically fit into the three containers

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Whispers & My Mudlake Home

Yesterday I took some time to go shopping with my daughter, did some reading after dinner time, but wasn’t putting tons of energy into meditation or absorbing.  I thought I needed to give my brain a little break because I had been so focused on development the past couple weeks.  I know I dreamt but I don’t remember of what.  As I was hitting the snooze this morning I fell into a state of sleep where my body felt slightly paralyzed, I thought I was awake, and I heard someone whispering quickly around me, I also felt their presence near me.  I wanted to converse with this person or find out what was going on, so I I tried to get up and see but my body felt paralyzed and I couldn’t move, so at this point it became very terrifying to me because I realized that I had been sleeping and someone was whispering in my room.   And think of that, as I start to write about this event, my dream from last night suddenly popped into my brain:


I dreamt I was in my old house (the first I ever lived at in lake mills when I was a young child), it was for sale, it was huge! It had so many rooms everywhere it was fun to go explore in it since I hadn’t seen it since I was little.  It had this dark, back room with a chimney that my husband and I went into.  Everything looked super old in the house as if it was built hundreds of years ago.  I somehow knew that whoever built the chimney (was made out of large stones/rocks) had died on the last day it was built. Like the chimney collapsed on him, it had been redone afterward so it was still very old, made of rocks.    I felt a little sorrow briefly when I thought about him dying but moved on and thought it was still a suitable place to live, and that’s part of history, bad things happen to people but life goes on.  All of the rooms were empty, but there were endless rooms, all a little bit with a dungeon feel though. They all seemed to be kind of dusty and made of stone or earthy type elements.  I could tell my husband wasn’t too sure…he thought things were so old and dirty but I thought…once we clean up and fill it with furniture here it will be warm, and look at all the space there is it is magnificent and we couldn’t have asked for anything more suitable for our family.  It seemed like more families were coming to look at the house so I was getting excited to make a commitment in my mind, as well as convince my husband, so that we could make an offer on the house.

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